Spanish top riders Xavi Leon & Eloi Salsench race @ CARPATH ENDURO 2016

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Some of the best riders in the world will come at Carpath Enduro start line as potential candidates for the podium of this year edition.

The news travels fast, so spanish pilots like Xavi Leon and Eloy Salsench will participate at this race.

Xavi Leon was born on 6th October 1983 in Spain. From his victories we mention:

-          Champion @ GORDEXOLA EXTREME

-          Champion @ BASQUEXTREM

-          9th @ ErzbergRodeo 2012

-          3rd @ Extreme Lagares

-          Champion @ VALONGO EXTREME 2016

-          Champion @ Trial Spanish Championship

-          3rd @ SUPERENDURO Spanish Championship




ELOI SALSENCH is a prestige rider in Supernduro World Championship and here are some of his victories:

- 9th @ Hells Gate 2016

- 11th @ Allestreme 2016

- 3rd Bassella Xtreme Race 2016

- 8th Junior World Enduro Championship 2014

- 3rd @ E3 Spanish Championship 2014

-Prestige rider in supernduro world championship


Carparth Enduro was born as a continuation of what we`ve done so far at Hard Enduro Piatra Neamt.

At 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014 editions, top riders (Graham Jarvis, Jonny Walker, Alfredo Gomez, Paul Bolton, Wade Young, Benoit Fortunato), pilots from the World`s Championship, came to compete in HEPN, returning every year with the same enthusiasm.

 Carpath Enduro is an international competition registered within the Romanian Motorcycling Federation calendar and organized under the aegis thereof by the ZEN WORLD EXTREME (ZWE) Sports Club, in partnership with THE OFFICE LOUNGE PREDEAL.

In 2016, Carpath Enduro will be held in Predeal, between 24 – 26 of June. It will simultaneously be cup stage of the Extreme Enduro European Championship, cup stage of the Extreme Enduro Eastern - European Championship, stage of the Hard Enduro National Championship and Open Cup ( Open for competitors who don`t score in any of the championships).

Predeal is the highest town in our country and one of the most famous mountain resorts of Romania. The big mountains that surround Predeal are: Postavarul, Piatra Mare and Bucegi.

Thus, Predeal is the perfect location for the hard enduro amators.



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